Greens MLC Colleen Hartland continues her campaign for a 10c refund on bottles, cans and cartons.

A Victorian Cash for Containers plan will save taxpayer money, create new jobs and save the environment. Benefits of a Victorian scheme include:

- Increasing recycling of drink containers from 49% to over 80%
- Diverting more than 124,000 tonnes from landfill
- Raising $15m a year for individuals, charities and schools
- Savings to rate payers of over $47.6 million a year
- Creating over 1,300 green jobs
- Attracting $124m in private investment in Victoria and grow recycling and reprocessing businesses by over $90m
- Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 456,000 tonnes of CO2 each year 
- Decreasing litter by 12-15%, which will improve waterway health and help protect marine animals.

South Australia and the Northern Territory already have 10cent refund on bottles and cans, and Tasmania is considering similar schemes. In the absence of National action, the Greens will continue to push for a Victoiran scheme. All these states acting together will make a big difference by reducing marine plastics and helping to protect our environment.

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