Duplicate the Loop

Altona Loop commuters are the most dissatisfied on the whole train network.

Why? The train service is the worst on the network - it's the pits!

But there is a solution!

Duplicating the single track as far as is possible would allow for a reliable train every 10 minutes. Residents have been informed that it would cost a modest $10-12 million.

Greens MP Colleen Hartland is calling on the government to cough-up just $36,000 for a Feasibility Study - Phase 1 of partial duplication of the Altona Loop single train track. As far as state budgets go, this is chickenfeed.

I asked a consultant called URS to propose a feasibility study project and provide a quote. URS has undertaken preliminary research and has outlined and costed what a feasibility study would involve.

The Feasibility Study would explore options, including:
- Evaluation of the existing timetable for spare capacity that could be utilised by Altona Loop services.
- Duplication of sections within the Altona Loop and installation of passing loops.
- Infrastructure Review to determine key issues and constraints.

The small improvements we've won in the Altona Loop community campaign have helped, but the only way to fix the problems on the Altona Loop is partial duplication of the single track.  We know the project will cost a modest $10-12 million and will benefit the community enormously - a reliable train every 10 minutes direct to the city is a train service that people will use. The Altona Loop communities deserve it.

Altona Loop community demands a decent public transport service.

More than 1000 postcards personally signed and sent by Altona Loop residents have landed in Premier Baillieu's mailbox. Each calls on the Premier to fix the Altona Loop by duplicating the single track and immediately providing more frequent trains direct to the City Loop.

This follows from the delivery of a pile of letters more than 6cm thick  to the Minister for Public Transport, as well as a petition with more than 2,200 signatures. 

The active and vocal Altona Loop community continues to send a clear and powerful message to the Premier that we will not give up until a decent train service is provided.

Parliamentary Speech: Most dissatisfied commuters call for Altona Loop fix

Parliamentary Speech: Respect the West - deliver what you promised, 30 August 2012.

Parliamentary Speech: Hundreds call on minister to fix Altona Loop with postcard delivery, 17 April 2012.

Media Release: Altona Loop postcard campaign for 'most dissatisfied commuters', 01 March 2012.



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Altona Loop - the worst train service in the Metro network:

1. Between 9am and 5pm it takes three separate trains to get to the city loop, which can take hours.

2. Peak trains run only every 22 minutes, while on most other lines it is every 10 minutes.

3. Delays, cancellations and bypasses plague the Altona Loop. Waiting an extra 30 minutes to an hour is common. Some resort to costly taxis. Commuters are often told this is due to 'signal faults' or 'track works'.

4. The Altona Loop has lost direct access to the Werribee line meaning it can take two separate trains, with waiting between, just to travel a few stations. 

A train journey can be an everyday battle. Many commuters have been forced to abandon the trains. Some have crammed onto conjested roads with the traffic crawl to the city. Others now drive to neighbouring stations not on the Loop, greatly increasing pressure on already overcrowded car park facilites. For those who cannot drive, such as the elderly and disabled, they are left with little or no transport options.

Altona Loop Community Campaign Photos

 FROM TOP LEFT - 1. First Altona Loop community meeting at the Louis Joel Centre. 2 Second Community meeting at the Altona RSL. 3. Snap protest at Altona Station in response to the release of the proposed timetable. 4. Residents rally at the Minister's office. 5. Rolling protest on first fragmented train journey in new timetable. 6. Altona Loop community at Parliament.

More photos:

Launch of the "Duplicate the Loop" campaign - photos here.

Altona Loop community goes to Parliament - photos here.

Rolling protest on the first fragmented train journey - photos here.

Rally at the Minister's office - photos can be viewed here.

Snap protest can be viewed here.

Second community meeting - photos here.

First community meeting- photos here.

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