The most dangerous intersection in the West (left) and the main bike route to the CBD - Shepherd Bridge (right).

BikeWest is a community campaign to build bike paths and make cycling safe in the Western Suburbs. Bike West is coordinated by Greens MP Colleen Hartland.

Priority Projects:

1. Fix Shepherd Bridge. Status - ongoing.

Read the latest article in The Age Newspaper here.

Bike West has been working on this notoriously dangerous bike blackspot for some years. We will be campaigning hard to see funding allocated in the 2014 May Budget to fix it. The latest here.

2. Fix the Parker & Whitehall St intersection, Footscray. Status - WIN!
This is the most dangerous intersection for cyclists in the Western Suburbs. After 3 years of campaigning, on 16 October 2013, funding was announced to fix this intersection with bike lanterns and traffic signals which will give cyclists priority access through the intersection. 

3. Upgrade Dynon Road - Hopkins Street Link. Status - ongoing. 

4. Complete the Federation Trail. Status - ongoing. 

5. The Westgate Punt Bicycle Ferry. Status - WIN!
Click here to read about the successful community campaign to get the Westgate Punt funded as a seven-day-a-week 

Email the Premier, the Minister for Transport and Western Suburbs MPs and tell them to fix Bike West.

Please customise your message to the Premier here, it's always better if the message is more personal.

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