Equal Pay decision welcome but will Baillieu deliver

Fair Work Australia's landmark decision to increase community sector pay from 19 – 41 per cent is a fantastic win for the sector, but will Mr Baillieu deliver his end of the deal?

"The Baillieu government made an election commitment to fully fund the outcomes of the Equal Pay case. But when I stood up in the Parliament last year and called on the Minister to make these funds available, she replied that the commitment was now capped to $50 million per year, ending in 4 years,"* said Colleen Hartland, Greens spokesperson on Women's Affairs.

"The budget has been capped prior to knowing what's needed to fund the remuneration order. And the Baillieu government funding timeline is four years, despite an eight year phase-in period identified by FWA".

Sue Pennicuik MLC

Sue Pennicuik MLC is one of the elected Greens in the Upper House of Victorian State Parliament and she represents the Southern Metropolitan Region. For more information about Sue and her portfolio areas go to Sue's About Page.