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Colleen Hartland MLC is one of three elected Greens in the Upper House of Victorian State Parliament and she represents the Western Suburbs. For more information on Colleen, including her portfolio areas, see the page about Colleen Hartland MP.  Connect with Colleen on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Greens will legislate on redress for child sex abuse victims

The Greens announced their plan to introduce legislation for redress for child sex abuse victims ahead of tonight's forum on inaction on the Betrayal of Trust report*.

“If the Greens do not see action on redress for victims by the next government by June 2015, we will introduce legislation ourselves,” said Greens spokesperson on community services Colleen Hartland.

The Napthine Government has indicated that it may wait for the outcomes of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse, which could be years away, before acting on redress recommendations made in the Betrayal of Trust report.

“The Greens will not sit idle while a government of any persuasion delays action on institutional child sex abuse victims,” said Victorian Greens spokesperson for children, Colleen Hartland.

Greens announce Victorian Cash for Containers election commitment

The Greens will announce their plan to clean up Victoria with a 10c Cash for Container scheme.
“A Cash for Containers scheme will reduce litter and improve the natural environment, create jobs and reduce climate pollution,” said Victorian Greens spokesperson on waste management, Colleen Hartland.
“We all want a clean, healthy environment. But currently our streets, creeks, and beaches are littered with drink bottles, cans and cartons. We can stop rubbish before it hits the ground with a 10c refund scheme.”

Lib and Lab choose pokies over people - problem gambling harm to continue

Victorian Greens gambling spokesperson Colleen Hartland says that both the Coalition and Labor voting down the Greens Pokies Bill today shows they care more for their political donors than the Victorian people.
Both Labor and the Coalition voted against the Greens Dollar Bet limits Bill today in the Victorian Parliament. 
"It's a sad day for families affected by problem gambling,"said Victorian Greens spokesperson on gambling Colleen Hartland.
"The Napthine Government is addicted to gambling revenue and beholden to the lobby groups who donate hundreds of thousands to the Victorian Liberal party, and Labor isn't too far behind.”

Government delays smokefree health reform by 2 years: Greens

Smokefree diningThe Victorian Greens health spokesperson Colleen Hartland has accused the government of playing politics with people's health by delaying smokefree health reforms by two years.

"We know banning smoking in outdoor dining and drinking areas works to reduce smoking and Victoria is the only state that has not already made it law," said Victorian Greens health spokesperson Colleen Hartland.

"The government’s refusal to support the Greens smokefree bill*, and now announcing their own plan, is playing politics with people's health. This political game playing has delayed this important health reform by two years."