On 21 March 2012 Greg Barber applied to the Department of Sustainability and Environment under Freedom of Information laws for all of the permits issued for the control of the Eastern Grey Kangaroo in Macedon Ranges Shire for 2011.  On 21 June 2012 Greg received a stack of documents, all printed from the Wildlife And Game Licensing System (WAGLS) database. 

Not all of the Authority To Control Wildlife (ATCW) permits issued are for the destruction of animals.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of permits are to destroy our native fauna and all of the below permits issued in Macedon Shire are for the "shooting only" of Eastern Grey Kangaroos. 

A number of the documents attached below contain insufficient information to satisfy the FoI request as put and may be open to challenge.  Should our office receive more comprehensive information from the Department we will ensure that this information is publicly available at the earliest possible opportunity.

If you have any comments to make about permits – particularly those that are issued in your area – please do not hesitate to contact us.

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