Update - 19 November 2012 - "Round 1: Barber" - click here for more information or click here to read the judgment



In March 2012 Victorian Greens Leader Greg Barber filed a claim in the Supreme Court of Victoria against the State Government. He is seeking a declaration that the Parliament has the power to order the public release of documents prepared outside Cabinet and considered by Cabinet.

All costs are being covered out of Greg's pocket. 

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This case will set an important benchmark for democracy. A successful result will mean that elected governments must comply with an order of the elected parliaments, not just in Victoria, but right around the country.

The document sought is a review into the operation of the myki ticketing system undertaken by consulting firm Deloitte and commissioned by the Baillieu government in its first month in office.

The parliamentary debate can be found here and the Treasurer's letter denying the Parliament’s power can be viewed here

Greg Barber stated: "This is not just about myki, it's about smart meters, the desalination plant, secret deals with coal companies and anything that governments assert that they can withhold from the Parliament and the people of Victoria."

"This case is about the information that the parliament, standing in the shoes of the people, needs in order to hold the government to account. Without information, our democratic system ceases to function."

"I can't comment on the detailed legal arguments, as that is what I have asked the courts to adjudicate on."

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