Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) -- In my first speech to this place nearly six years ago I mentioned as part of my political inspiration the already considerable achievements of both Bob Brown and Christine Milne in Green politics and the inspiration that they provided to me six years ago. Now they are both going on to bigger and better things. Knowing both of them well, as I do, I can say that they are made of the same type of steel and forged in the same fire. I am even more pleased to see them moving up a step in Green politics. 

I would wish Bob well in his retirement, except I do not believe he will be sitting still for long. He is a global leader in Green politics. Christine has wasted no time in taking on Tony Abbott -- not just his dismal plan to do nothing on climate change but also his flawed and destructive approach to the economy generally. Unlike these other fractured political parties, the Greens is a force for stability in the Parliament and the political system. With her vast and long-running experience in difficult political environments, her intellect, her toughness and her personal commitment and warmth, Christine Milne inspires me with great confidence in my party's future.