Victorian Greens Animal Welfare spokesperson Sue Pennicuik protested at the 2012 duck shooting season opening at Lake Buloke, 17 March 2012. See Sue's video of the day on YouTube.

In June 2011, Sue Pennicuik moved in Parliament to ban duck shooting in Victoria. Only the Greens supported this motion.

Sue Pennicuik's motion to ban duck shooting

In Victoria, duck shooting enjoys the unconditional support of both the Coalition and the Labor party. In 2010, despite reports of dwindling bird numbers, recommendations by the government’s own Animal Welfare Advisory Committee that duck hunting should be banned on the grounds of cruelty, and frequent reports of collateral damage to other (often endangered) species, the former Labor government even went so far as to increase kill limits for hunters. The Coalition government has continued to encourage duck shooting. The Greens have campaigned strongly to end duck shooting in Victoria and will continue to do so.


Duck hunting facts

  • Species are difficult to identify at long range, and duck hunting often results in the shooting of other species, sometimes endangered species.

  • The waterbirds open to be shot during duck hunting season are protected species at all other times of the year.

  • Many ducks are wounded, not killed and go on to die painful and slow deaths.

  • After a reported 80% drop in waterbird populations due to Victoria’s drought, some breeding has just commenced again in certain areas. This season will endanger this much needed breeding as parent waterbirds that are shot will leave young to starve. The last breeding activity by ducks in Victoria was in 1999 and 2001. Populations are very delicate.

  • Duck hunting has been banned in New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland.

List of media releases and parliamentary questions and debates raised by the Greens on the matter.

Media alert - Sue Pennicuik protests at duck shooting season opening 2012

Media release – Sue Pennicuik attends opening of duck hunting season 2011

Media release – Sue Pennicuik protests at opening of duck hunting season 2010

 2011 Motion - Sue Pennicuik moves in Parliament to ban duck shooting

Adjournment – Sue Pennicuik calls on government to ban duck hunting.


Opening of the 2010 duck shooting season attended by Greens MLC Sue Pennicuik.

Opening of the 2011 duck shooting season attended by Sue Pennicuik.

Opening of the 2012 duck shooting season attended by Sue Pennicuik

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