Greens MP and Education spokesperson Sue Pennicuik has written to the government chair of the upper house Social and Legal Committee asking that the committee conduct public hearings to investigate allegations of rorting of apprenticeships and other vocational education and training in Victoria.

“In the past week, the 7.30 Report has aired three programs outlining disturbing allegations about rorting in the Vocational Education and Training sector in Victoria and around the country,” Ms Pennicuik said.

“People reported that ‘a lot of people are fleecing the system and millions of dollars would have been wasted on effectively no training’ that they have ‘serious concerns that training provided is of a 'tick and flick' nature,’ that ‘the auditing system is an easily fabricated paper trail,’ and that ‘hundreds of young apprentices say they are being ripped off and left unemployable with worthless qualifications.’ 

“The 7:30 Report reported that the VRQA was shocked by the allegations and have commenced an immediate investigation. It is unbelievable that this level of rorting could go unnoticed by the VRQA,” Ms Pennicuik said.

“I have previously stated in parliament in the wake of other instances of rorting by and collapse of private providers, that I was concerned that the VRQA did not have the resources to effectively monitor quality of VET providers across Victoria.”

“This is an issue of great public interest and of ongoing concern to me and to the people of Victoria and as such it should be urgently investigated by the parliament.”

Further comment:  Sue Pennicuik   03 9530 8399