The Greens will create a Public Transport Authority to plan, manage and integrate all public transport services across Victoria.

"The Greens' parliamentary inquiry into train services showed the root of the problem is that responsibility is fragmented.

"In places where public transport really works, such as Zurich, Vancouver, Barcelona, London and Perth they have a powerful and accountable Public Transport Authority."

"The private operator will either shape up or ship out, but either way there will be a powerful and accountable Public Transport Authority in control."

"With a few dozen experts plus some support staff, the Public Transport Authority will be in charge of planning and strategy across the whole system.  Many of the multitude of bodies making up the public transport system will be brought under its umbrella."

"At the coming state election, The Greens will seek a mandate to fix public transport, across Melbourne and across Victoria."

About the public transport authority

The authority will have its own board, but will be issued directions by the Minister as required. The board will meet in public.

We will recruit internationally for a CEO with a record of success running a multiimodal public transport system.

It will publish a draft business plan annually and seek public comment.  The plan will describe how the PTA will turn high level targets for improving the public transport system into strategy and tactics, to be implemented by each business unit.

It will be established by Administrative Order, but eventually have its own legislation, following community consultation.

The Minister for Public Transport will continue to be responsible for setting policy and high level objectives as well as handling regulatory issues such as public transport safety.

A number of task forces will be set up immediately while the PTA is being established.

1.  creating the legal structure for the PTA and acting as the interim governing board
2.  reviewing train timetabling and operations to unlock spare capacity in the rail system, including coordination with V/Line services
3.  reviewing tram operations to speed them up and use vehicles efficiently to deal with overcrowding
4.  bus review, to create fast, direct routes, coordinated with trains and trams
5.  ticketing review, to find ways to cut the ongoing running costs of Myki
6.  establish a framework for long term planning, to continuously expand the network and involve the public to the greatest extent possible in their system's future

*  Metlink, Metro, Yarra Trams, VicTrack, Transport Ticketing Authority.  V/Line will remain separate for the immediate future.