Western Metropolitan Greens MP Colleen Hartland will join the community and Greens colleagues from east to west in a fight to build sustainable public transport instead of Mr Baillieu's dirty and expensive tollway.

"Greens at local, state and federal government levels will fight this wasteful and dirty toll-way proposal" said Western Metro MLC Colleen Hartland.

"A six-lane tollway through our suburbs will only benefit the road building industry at great cost to the community. It will not fix traffic congestion because anyone with sense knows that big roads just generate more traffic, more noise and more pollution, and they are an eyesore."

"This tollway will only chain people to the petrol bowser as fuel prices continue to rise. Families are already feeling the pain of cost of living pressures and don't need this extra burden."

"When this proposal last reared its ugly head, thousands of community members across the West banded together in a call for funds to be invested in public transport instead."

"Efficient public transport is the solution to reduce traffic congestion in a growing city. It is the sustainable and financially responsible approach to transport solutions for a liveable Melbourne."

"The Greens will fight for more trains, trams and buses reaching more of the community," said Colleen Hartland.

For comment: Colleen Hartland 9689 6373