“No increase in bus, train or tram services, city or V/line.  Just like last year.” -  Greg Barber

"A kick in the teeth for public dental care, with plans to increase waiting times." - Colleen Hartland

“$200 million of new school upgrades, versus $672 million for a prison upgrade.  At the same time the government has withdrawn funding from VCAL and TAFE, it is allocating hundreds of millions to a new prison that would not be needed if the government did not take away non custodial sentencing options from the courts. The government has its priorities around the wrong way” –  Sue Pennicuik

“An extra $90 million revenue in pokies taxes from vulnerable communities.” – Colleen Hartland

“Spot the public transport capital project?! All we can find is an upgrade to the Warragul Station car park.  BUT the cost of Myki rises from $461 million to $611 million.” – Greg Barber

“Energy bill concessions: Treasurer Kim Wells claws back some of your Carbon Tax Compensation and gets himself an extra $11 million.” – Greg  Barber

“Nothing to get trucks off residential streets in Yarraville and Footscray, whatsoever!  Funding for the inexpensive and effective Truck Action Plan suspended until the dirty great polluting East-West tollway is planned and developed.” – Colleen Hartland

Budget Media Releases:

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Baillieu Budget a kick in the teeth for dental care

Baillieu government abandons Truck Action Plan

Greens to fight dirty tollway from east to west

Greens say more sentencing options needed not more prisons

Victoria Uni TAFE cuts bad economics and borderline illegal

Wyndham kinder cost-shifting another broken promise