Greens transport spokesperson Greg Barber MLC says the new suburb of Allura in Truganina South won't be affordable, sustainable or liveable without better public transport.

"The Planning Minister has launched a new 'sustainable' suburb which has just one bus route and buses leaving every 40 minutes," said Greg Barber.

"The 446 bus from Truganina heads for Hoppers Crossing Station, but then gets scared and does a 26 minute detour to Werribee instead."

"Car parking at Hoppers Crossing Station is over capacity - clearly the Baillieu Government has no plan to provide new residents, or current residents for that matter, with decent public transport."

"If people moving into Allura or Truganina want to go out in the city after work or go to a game of footy there's no way of getting home; the last bus leaves the station around 8:00pm."