Colleen Hartland, Victorian Greens health spokesperson and MP for the Western Suburbs, will launch a community postcard campaign calling on the Baillieu government to immediately fund the rebuild of the Western Region Health Centre Dental Clinic.

When: 10:30am Wednesday 1 August

Where: Western Region Health Centre Children's Dental Clinic. 2 Geelong Road, Footscray.

What: Colleen Hartland MLC and Lyn Morgain, CEO Western Region Health Centre. The run down Geelong Road Dental Clinic.

"We don't need another investigation, study or report, as the government is proposing. This work has been done and we have a "shovel ready" plan; let's get on with it" said Colleen Hartland.

"I think the government is just stalling, and wasting $200,000 dollars in tax-payers money in doing so".

"The current state of the clinic is so bad that it could close any day resulting in 10,000+ children and adults each year without a dental service. This is too important to waste another second".

"In the next sitting of parliament I will deliver these cards from the community to Premier Baillieu and will be calling on the government to cancel the wasteful $200,000 study and instead fund the $9 million for a new clinic - this is the only acceptable outcome here" said Ms Hartland.

To order 'Save Footscray Dental Clinic' postcards, contact Colleen Hartland's office on 9689 6373 or email.

More information: vicmps.greens.org.au/denticare