A state government inquiry and report, recommending new planning rules to deal with sea level rises has stalled, according to the Greens. In question time, the Planning Minister admitted he has not seen the report, initiated by the previous government and due in December last year.

"Coastal councils are desperately in need of guidance on how to deal with low-lying coastal developments, meanwhile the Minister is racing ahead making ad hoc decisions,” said Greg Barber, Leader of the Victorian Greens.”

“The Planning rules now state that councils should be planning for a minimum 0.8 metre sea level rise, but it doesn't say how.  Some councils are refusing developments, others are putting a warning on permits, while the Minister says you can build if it's a moveable dwelling. How about some consistency?"

“Many coastal councils made a raft of recommendations to the Climate Change Advisory Committee  and are now waiting for government direction in response to the report. In the absence of the report, councils will be left to continue waiting in a policy vacuum,” said Mr Barber.



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