Victorian Greens MPs Greg Barber, Colleen Hartland and Sue Pennicuik paid tribute today to Senator Bob Brown on the announcement of his retirement from the Senate.

"The Greens and the people who support us owe so much to the vision, leadership and endless hard work of Bob Brown", Greg Barber said. "We thank Bob for the personal encouragement and support that he has given to us and to all Victorian Greens over the years" .

"Bob has been a huge inspiration to us and to so many, many people in Australia and all around our planet", Sue Pennicuik said. "The Greens are a global movement and this is in great part due to the tireless efforts of Bob Brown".

"Bob has said he is sad to leave but happy to go and we understand that he needs to pursue other important aspects of his life and spend time with the people he loves", Colleen Hartland said. "Political life can take you away from your loved ones."

"We hope Bob finds much happiness and fulfilment in his retirement".

"Christine Milne will be a very capable and strong leader. She has all our support and we wish her well."