The Baillieu government has declared war on wind farms.

The Greens fought long and hard for a renewable energy target. It's 9500 gigawatt hours per year now, rising to 20% of all electricity by 2020. It's still not enough, but it's a start.

But if the new Victorian Government has their way, wind energy development will be blown out of Victoria.

State Planning Minister, Matthew Guy, says anyone within two kilometres of a wind farm development should have the sole right to veto these crucial investments.

The new restrictions will make it harder to get a wind farm approved than a coal mine and will place most of Victoria's landscape out of bounds

Please follow this link and support wind farms by writing an email to the Premier.  (If the link doesn't work smoothly, click here for a lo-fi cut and paste alternative.)

Pacific Hydro has $250-million of projects underway across the state but due to the proposed restrictions, spokesperson Andrew Richards declared "we won’t be taking any new project through planning in Victoria."

Minister Guy admits that they are not the only provider to threaten completely pulling out of Victoria and moving interstate.

Keppel Prince, a firm that makes wind farm towers, is the most recent business considering moving its operations interstate. The Chepstowe wind farm is also currently under threat from the Baillieu government.

If you want to protect the state’s regional development, regional jobs and ensure that Victoria is the leader is renewable technology investment then please email the Premier.