7:23am Craigieburn citybound tues 8th November. woman with toddler had to beg for a seat ( she got one). crammed against other people's bodies as a dozen more got on @ North Melbourne

30 degree day, tram is packed, woman with baby and folded pram forced to stand. Disgusting travelling conditions. [tram]

At least 3 of the 5 working days I will have to wait while 1-2 completely full trams drive straight past the stop until I am actually able to get on a tram.  Not really what you need after a long day at work.[tram]

Not only do I have to stand every morning, when trains are not on time, I often can't even get on the train because it's so full

There's always so many people on the trams. There should only be double trams on the line, single trams always are completely full by the time it gets to my stop and people crowd on and it's so full, it's actually unsafe as there is nowhere to hold on.

route 96 is disaster. I feel like I am going to faint

Public transport is a 2nd rate system in Melbourne with roads given the priority and infrastructure funding. Why isn't there an easy way to track Bus arrival details like with some Tram stops?

never get a seat between 7.30-9.30am and again between 4.30-6.30pm coming home. Often the trams are so full, they won't even stop.

• they cancelled my train and now i'm late for work and its monday morning sardine ride in to work. 

• as always the hurstbridge line trains are hardly ever full to crush capacity

• so over it. these people smell

• same old sardine tin journey to work

• sardines.

Train was 5 minutes late.  Standing at Preston station I saw a team of 6 authorised officers.  one said to the others "we won't get on this one, it's going to be backed." I piped up "It's nice for you guys that you get that choice, isn't it?". 

it is muggy to the point i feel very ill due to this absurd over crowding

Similarly full since Preston

why can't metro get the climate control fixed on these trains?

wet friday morning. tram is bursting

Unusually empty & with it raining I expected the opposite - first time in months I got a seat at Preston.  Odd.

This train not too crowded because previous one (8:21am) was impossible to fit on to. This is the same every weekday morning.

I waited an extra 45 minutes at work tomight to avoid the crowd. couldn't face the sardine can tonight. 

amazed! some seats

Its been roughly this full since the loop.  "lat train cancelled due to vandalism" we were told.  Seems unlikely that they couldn't pick a better time than rush hour to fix/clean the damage?

after a cancelled pesl hour service, the train wass full at flinders street. people were unable to board at parliament. this is disgusting

last train cancelled "due to vandalism".  They cant clean it or repair it outside rush hour?

once again stopped outside clifton hill station. 

at least 4 ppl left behind at stop - too crowded to get on

delayed and packed at croxton. just getting worse

The 7:48am was cancelled as has happened a number of times recently; consequently the train was already standing room only at Aircraft (the 3rd station on the line) and many passengers were left on the platform. No hope for anyone from Laverton and thereafter.

surprised a saturday train so full

any time of day you're lucky if you get a sest

Train on time, less full than usual - sunny day!

I hate catching the train. I feel so much more relaxed on days I work from home or get a lift. Also, I'm 5 months pregnant and often the train is too packed to even get near the seats, let alone ask someone to let me sit down.

The last two weeks have been the worst service I have experienced since Metro first took over; appalling.  I leave in time for TWO trains to get me to work on time but they made me late twice this week alone; that requires at LEAST two trains not showing up on a single two train trip!  The Upfield has also failed to get me home TWICE in the past two weeks.  Both times had to resort to trams which results in a 2hour+ trip!

When a one way Vline ticket from Macedon to Melbourne costs me $8 each way I shouldn't have to stand or sit on the floor in aisles. it is just totally unacceptable. People are doing a good things leaving their cars at home.

1. station platforms are dirty, and unsafe.  2. there is absolutely not enough parking (people are almost parking up trees and clogging the car park)  3. I often feel unsafe on the train and wouldn't use it after dark  4. It is impossible to take a pram on the train for most of the day, and sometimes it is too crowded to get to the seats reserved for elderly or pregnant women. It was very hard when I was pregnant and still hard now carrying child in baby carrier (because pram wont fit on train).  I appreciate increased police presence on train.

I challenge 'The most liveable city judges' to take a peak-hour ride on the Sydenham line for a week. After that I will guide them 'on a disconnected, multi-modal tour of this 'great city'. Bring a good book!

We have had one train added which helped for a while but already trains are full again by Sunshine Station.  If the govt wants us to work longer, older people need a seat.

I don't have a problem with standing up for this short distance, but the squeeze is uncomfortable and there is insufficient bar/handle space to hold on.

Regularly catch two trams in morning - 57 and change to 55. Often can't get onto 55 at Victoria/Peel St

i never get a seat in the morning at preston station

My issue is not only standing room only sometimes during peak hours AM/PM, but the 'No-Show" buses which do not turn up, and when they do turn up, you get two at a time - not very helpful when you have an appointment/interview to get to on time I can assure you.  I am an avid user of Metlink to map my trip and rely on this for mapping and timing my trip.  No-Show buses should be recorded as a missed KPI and addressed as a failure by the Metlink and work to be 100% on time.

since they changed the time table, the trains coming home are infrequent and i have to wait a long time. packs of ticket inspectors often come on the train and are a very ominous and intimidating presence.

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