Re-open Goldfields Rail Line

Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber has committed to reopen Goldfields Rail Line passenger services to link the regional cities of Geelong, Ballarat, Maryborough, Castlemaine and Bendigo.

“The population along the Goldfields line has boomed since passenger trains were withdrawn in the late 1970s,” Mr Barber said.

“The Greens support a staged re-introduction of passenger services, with existing stations re-opened if possible, and other new low-cost stations constructed where required. 

Greens will make A Metre Matter in Victoria

Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber will table a bill in Victorian Parliament today to make cycling safer by introducing minimum overtaking distances for motor vehicles passing bicycles.
“This Bill requires drivers travelling at 60km per hour or less to leave a distance of at least one metre when overtaking a bicycle rider, or 1.5 metres when travelling at more than 60km per hour,” Mr Barber said.
“The most common type of incident between on-road commuter cyclists and motor vehicles is side-swiping, which has disastrous consequences for riders.
This Bill will help drivers and bicycle riders share the road more safely. 
“The Greens are pushing to make cycling laws safer alongside the Amy Gillett Foundation’s ‘A Metre Matters’ campaign.  

Labor should stop supporting Liberals

Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber has called on Daniel Andrews to use his newfound power to stop the East-West Toll Road.

“No government can exist without supply and confidence in the lower house,” Mr Barber said.

“We find ourselves in the bizarre position where the opposition is offering supply and confidence.

“Daniel Andrews says he opposes the east west toll road and wants the government not to sign contracts before the election, however Andrews is offering the supply and confidence that allows those contracts to be signed. 

Napthine plans to include gas in Renewable Energy Target

Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber says the State Government's proposal to include polluting fossil fuel gas in the Renewable Energy Target will be a huge hit to the earth and the hip pocket.

‘If Premier Denis Napthine has convinced himself that gas is a renewable energy source, then he is confused,” Mr Barber said.

“Nobody in the world thinks gas is a renewable form of energy. 

Greens plan for 40 secure bike parking cages

Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber has announced a plan to install secure bicycle parking at 40 train stations across Melbourne, which will encourage cycling and public transport use while reducing dependence on cars.

Greg Barber said “many train stations across Melbourne have little or no secure bicycle parking, forcing commuters to risk damage or theft to their bike while it is chained to racks, railings or nearby fences.”

“The Greens will invest in 40 secure bicycle parking cages, making it safer and more convenient for more than 1000 cyclists to ride to the train each day. 

Napthine should back NSW Libs in support of Renewable Energy Target

Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber has called on Premier Denis Napthine to back the Renewable Energy Target, which is currently under threat of being watered down by the Federal Government.

"The NSW Premier understands that the Renewable Energy Target is good for the environment and good for jobs. Denis Napthine has too many MPs in his own party room who don't understand the RET, and he won't take them on," Mr Barber said. 

"The Premier has no vision and no plan for Victoria's solar and wind industry. Renewables are cheaper, cleaner and smarter, but Dr Napthine is sleepwalking while future industry is under threat.  

Greens will increase regional V/Line services by 50% to help country Victorians

The Victorian Greens have committed to increase V/Line coach services by 50% across regional Victoria.

“V/Line coaches are the only form of public transport for most of Victoria’s small towns, yet many routes run so infrequently that they cannot get people where they need to go when they need to get there.

“The lack of services means people rely on cars or just end up stuck with no means of getting to and from major regional centres, or on to Melbourne. 

Government halts gas drilling to silence protests

Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber has congratulated Gippsland residents on winning a short term halt to gas drilling.

"The government has listened to the community who've expressed their view loud and clear. Land and water for food production is the most precious thing we have, but fossil fuel exploration threatens both," Mr Barber said.

“The Seaspray community has campaigned strongly against onshore gas exploration, and this decision is a clear attempt to silence their protests. 

Victoria missing out on benefits of clean energy: new report

Greg Barber MLC, leader of the Victorian Greens, said new modelling by Bloomberg New Energy Finance shows Victorians will lose clean energy jobs and lower long-term energy prices if the federal government cuts the Renewable Energy Target (RET).

Greg Barber said, "The Liberals are stifling the development of our renewable energy resources, which means Victoria misses out on jobs and other benefits.

"The Bloomberg New Energy Finance modelling shows the Renewable Energy Target (RET) will cut the cost of energy for households and businesses, plus bring jobs. 

State Government move will raise energy bills and greenhouse emissions

Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber says energy bills and greenhouse emissions will increase after the state government moves to scrap an energy saving scheme.

Mr Barber said "this scheme has helped hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses save money on their power bills, with free or low cost devices like light bulbs and solar hot water heaters.

"The government’s own report shows homes that participate would save thousands off their energy bills and for businesses, tens of thousands.