Vic Budget is a missed opportunity for public transport

Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber says today's state Budget is a missed opportunity that will fail to fix Melbourne's public transport overcrowding.

"This is a missed opportunity for Victoria," said Greg Barber MLC

"Our trains are already overcrowded and Victoria’s population is growing by 2,100 people every week.  

“There have been three Budgets in a row with almost no real increase in public transport capacity.  There are 30 million extra trips expected on public transport in the Melbourne metro area next year but scant increase in services.   

Vic Budget is a missed opportunity for regional public transport

Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber says today's state budget is a missed opportunity that failed to improve regional public transport.

"This is a missed opportunity for Victoria," said Greg Barber MLC

"V/Line trains are already overcrowded and Victoria’s population is growing by 2,100 people every week. Where is the plan for our future?

“V/Line passengers are forecast to grow by 7% in the coming year, but there will be less than 1% increase in services. This means even more overcrowding on V/Line.

East West Link benefits who?


Mr TEE (Eastern Metropolitan)—I welcome the opportunity to move:
   That this house—
     (1) notes that the business case for the proposed east–west link, ordered by the resolution of the Council on 11 December 2013 to be tabled in the Council by 19 February 2014, has not been received by the Council;
     (2) notes the letter of 19 February 2014 from the Minister for Roads in response to the Council’s resolution did not include the business case or any commitment to release the business case;
     (3) affirms the privileges, immunities and powers conferred on the Council pursuant to section 19 of the Constitution Act 1975;
     (4) affirms the need to protect the high standing of Parliament and to ensure that the Council may properly discharge its duties and responsibilities; and
     (5) requires the Leader of the Government to table by 6May 2014 a copy of the business case for the proposed east–west link.


Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) -- When Mr Tee finished talking about how bad the proposed east-west toll road will be I was even more convinced than I was before hearing him that this is a bad project for Victoria. What I am not sure about is why, if he can articulate so clearly how this project will not stack up environmentally, socially or economically, he would want to build it.

Greens call for Altona Loop feasibility study funds ahead of community forum

"Last week Premier Napthine announced $2-2.5 billion for public transport in the eastern suburbs. This is on back of the $8 billion earmarked for the 6km East-West link tollway,"  said Greens MP For the Western Suburbs Colleen Hartland.

"The Western Suburbs community has not forgotten the Liberal's 2 key election commitments to "Not neglect the West" and to "Fix Public Transport"."

"Distracted by their marginal seats and friends in the East, these commitments seem to have been erased from their memory. But not from ours." 

Planning Minister agrees to meet Moonee Valley CC on East-West


Today,Greens MP Colleen Hartland stood up in question time and called on Matthew Guy, the Minister for Planning, to meet with Moonee Valley City Council. The Minister has agreed to meet with Council.

Council has requested an urgent meeting with state Planning Minister Matthew Guy to discuss potential social, economic and environmental implications of the $8 billion project. Councillor Jim Cusack said the city would be faced with more cars, pollution and flyovers in its neighbourhoods.

Labor's transport plan puts roads ahead of public transport on every page

Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber says Labor's transport plan puts roads ahead of public transport on every page.

"Labor has confirmed they'll build the East West Toll Road and they won't build the superior alternative, which is Doncaster rail," said Greg Barber

"It seems only the Greens want a future for Melbourne based on investing in public transport."

"We fully support the Melbourne Metro rail project but there are other investments that will let us add more trains in the short term - like high capacity signalling. The Melbourne Metro train project is on the never never, because it depends on Tony Abbott having a change of heart."

"What's left is a roads plan. Roads, roads and more roads. Billions and billions on widening arterials, to push the traffic jam a bit further along the way. The best they are offering on rail is a review of the Liberal government's plan, after they're elected."

Kids and trucks don't mix: school curfew needed


Colleen with communitySPEECH: Ms HARTLAND (Western Metropolitan) —

This morning I took part in the blockade of Somerville Road, Yarraville, outside the Kingsville Primary School, organised by the Maribyrnong Truck Action Group.

The blockade was in support of a request the Maribyrnong City Council made to government that it place a curfew on Somerville Road at the start and end of each school day.

The Maribyrnong Truck Action Group and local residents organised the blockade because they feel the government is simply not listening to them and will not acknowledge that there is a problem.

Community meeting - action on air pollution

Get your dirty deluded toll-road out of our neighbourhoods

Greens MP for the Western Suburbs Colleen Hartland has vowed to fight to keep the Napthine government's dirty deluded toll-road our of the quiet neighbourhoods of Ascot Vale and Moonee Ponds.

Ms Hartland says that todays East-West link announcement means the quiet suburbs of Ascot Vale and Moonee ponds will be inundated with traffic from the proposed East-West toll-road with wide-ranging negative consequences. 

"This proposed East-West toll road is a disaster at every corner and it just turned the corner into Ascot Vale and Moonee Ponds today," said Ms Hartland.

Hartland supports Maribyrnong's call for ban of large trucks on local roads


Colleen Hartland speech in parliament: In the inner west we have more than 21 000 trucks travelling on our residential streets every day. This is where people live and where children go to school, child care and kindergarten. It is where people walk to the train station or the local shops, and it is where residents must share the roads with these trucks. Despite the increasing numbers of trucks on these residential streets, this government has done nothing to progress solutions which we know will take these trucks off residential streets, in turn making them safe.