Greens motion to fund Doncaster Rail



Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) — I move:

That this house calls on the Napthine government to immediately allocate funding for development of the Doncaster rail line.

Napthine's overcrowded trains figures fudged

Victorian Greens Leader Greg Barber has accused the Victorian government of fudging the numbers to hide Melbourne's growing train overcrowding problem.

"They used averages of all the trains across the sample studied. Individual trains could have over 1100 passengers, well in excess of the 798 benchmark, but the average train is found not to be overcrowded."

"They only looked at overcrowding at city-edge stations, ignoring how far out the overcrowding extends, which leads to some people standing up as long as half an hour before they get a seat."

"They also excluded any train that was overcrowded because of a train being late or an earlier train being cancelled."

Greens stand with Moonee Valley residents against East-West tollway


Speech by Colleen Hartland in Parliament

My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Public Transport. Last weekend I attended a community information session on the impacts of the proposed east–west link tollway, hosted by Moonee Valley City Council. I thank the council for doing this and bringing together a great deal of very informative information.

The attendees talked about the potential impacts on Moonee Valley, including:

Patrons abandon trains without Altona Loop duplication


Adjournment (Request of Government) - Colleen Hartland:

My adjounrment is for the Minister for Public Transport.

On 19 July the Age published a story entitled ‘A tale of two rail lines: Altona slumps while Werribee soars’. The article tells the story of Altona loop commuters abandoning their trains, as illustrated in patronage figures. While it is proven that Altona loop residents are abandoning their trains, I am standing here today to call on the government to not abandon them.

The train services on the Altona loop were poor to begin with, but the timetable changes introduced in 2011 slashed them. The service went from a standard bad, to becoming the worst on the entire Melbourne train network. Altona loop commuters became the most dissatisfied on the whole network, as shown in every customer satisfaction survey held since.

Growth areas need public transport, not just plans


Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) -- I seek to speak on a very interesting and important report that has been tabled by the Auditor-General today called Developing Transport Infrastructure and Services for Population Growth Areas. It is an absolutely damning indictment of a succession of governments, both Labor and Liberal, and how they have neglected the outer suburbs while quite willingly pocketing all the stamp duty from the house sales. It is clear that bodies such as Public Transport Victoria and recently the Growth Areas Authority not only do not take their obligations to provide public transport in these new suburbs seriously but are not even monitoring the extent to which they are failing, and it has taken the Auditor-General to tell us this.

No business case for East West Tollroad


Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) -- Mr Tee and the Labor opposition have had a change of heart, and I think we should celebrate that.

In the last Parliament I recall we had requests for business cases and even to establish parliamentary inquiries, similar to Mr Tee's other motion on the notice paper, in relation to projects such as bay dredging, the irrigation upgrades, the north-south pipeline, the desalination plant and the regional rail link, and we even had some arguments about the train and tram franchising agreements. In not one of those Labor government projects did we ever see the business case or anything like it. Inquiries were established in relation to all of the matters I just listed, because the non-government parties in the upper house set them up, but those inquiries never once had the benefit of seeing the most fundamental document that the public and we who stand in the shoes of the public wanted to see -- that is, the business case.

Community impacts ignored in government Freight Plan

Greens MP for the Western Suburbs Colleen Hartland has accused the government of ignoring the community in its Freight & Logistics Plan and has asked the government to hold a public forum to ensure that community voices are heard and incorporated into the Plan.

"The Minister proudly states that he has worked with industry to develop this plan* but there's no mention of the community," said Greens MP For the Western Suburbs Colleen Hartland.

"It's the community that bear the brunt of the health, well-being and safety impacts of the freight industry, trucks in particular, but they have been completely ignored in developing this plan."

"More than 21,000 trucks travel on inner West residential streets every single day having a huge impact on community health and well-being."

Greens warn of huge public backlash to Westlink

Greens MP for the Western Suburbs Colleen Hartland has warned of a huge public backlash if Labor attempt to dump the Westlink tollway on the inner West community.

"If Labor thinks they can dump the ridiculously costly, noisy and dirty Westlink tollway on the Western Suburbs, they're in for a shock. We've fought in the thousands in the past, we'll do it again and we'll win" said Colleen Hartland.

Commuters abandon train line; don'’t abandon commuters Premier– - Hartland

Greens MP for the Western Suburbs Colleen Hartland will call on the Napthine Government to duplicate the Altona Loop single track in light of patronage figures illustrating commuters have abandoned their trains.

“The train services on the Altona Loop certainly were poor to begin with, but the timetable changes introduced in 2011 slashed the train services” said Colleen Hartland, Greens MP For the Western Suburbs.

“The service went from the standard bad to the worst on the whole Melbourne train network. The Altona Loop commuters became the most dissatisfied* on the whole network, as shown in every Customer Satisfaction survey since.”

Hartland calls for better conditions for drivers in taxi legislation


Colleen Hartland - speech in parliament The Transport Legislation Amendment (Foundation Taxi and Hire Car Reforms) Bill 2013 is the result of a two-year long process, including an independent inquiry into the industry led by Professor Fels. The inquiry concluded with a vision to create a customer-first industry with improved safety, service and choice. Before I discuss the main part of the bill I advise that I, too, have been contacted by some 200 taxi owners and drivers. Because of living in the western suburbs, over several years I have met with many drivers and plate holders. I have not yet received an email that was supportive of this legislation, but I have heard from people who are deeply concerned about what effect it will have on their future.

My main concern with respect to this bill and to the wider issue is that we should move to an industry with better insured and better paid drivers who can rely on improved driver agreements and fairer licence arrangements. I firmly believe that better conditions for drivers will mean better services for customers.