No relief for Ballarat V/Line overcrowding - Report

No relief is in sight for Ballarat's V/Line overcrowding, according to a secret 20 year V/Line strategy document obtained by the Greens.

Traralgon V/Line commuters face more delays - report

The train service to Traralgon has the poorest reliability of all V/Line services and V/Line may have to start terminating peak-hour trains at Dandenong unless there is significant infrastructure spending, according to a secret V/Line strategy obtained by the Greens.

Geelong Regional Rail will be full the day it opens - Report

V/Line warned the Baillieu government in November 2011 that Regional Rail Link will be full the day it opens, according to a secret V/Line strategic plan obtained by the Greens.

V/Line warns government on Regional Rail Link overcrowding

The Regional Rail Link will be full the day it opens because the Baillieu government has not ordered enough trains to meet demand, according to a secret V/Line strategy report  obtained by the Greens.

"People are crying out for much more frequent V/line services. But we can see in black and white that it can’t happen without a bigger government investment,” said Victorian Greens Leader Greg Barber.

“We will see in the May Budget if the Baillieu government will listen to V/Line’s advice or fail Victorians.”

Put bus stops at Melbourne Airport terminal

Suburban buses that serve Tullamarine Airport should be given the same access to the terminal as Skybus, says Victorian Greens Leader Greg Barber.

"There are four pretty good suburban buses that go to the airport, but when they arrive they dump you a long way out in the carpark, whereas all other transport takes you to the door of the terminal," said Greg Barber.

Petrol price spike could lead to train overcrowding

The surging price of petrol could see critical overcrowding on our trains, the Greens warn.

Report reveals truck noise level triggers construction of freeway barriers

Greens MP Colleen Hartland has called on the government to act immediately to address excessive truck noise as report made public this week reveals noise levels greater than that which trigger the construction of freeway noise barriers.  

"It's impractical and undesirable to build freeway sound barriers along inner West residential streets, so the alternative is to get the trucks off our streets" said Colleen Hartland, Greens MP for the Western Suburbs.

A noise study by SLR Global Environmental Solutions and commissioned by the Maribyrnong City council has looked at road and rail noise in Footscray. It found that: existing traffic noise levels exceed the highest acceptable level by between 1dBA and 5dBA. Were these properties to be situated beside a VicRoads controlled freeway, then the barrier retrofitting program would be initiated*.

V/Line WiFi report shows reception failure

Victorian Greens Leader Greg Barber has released the results of a preliminary V/Line investigation into improving mobile reception on trains, which he obtained under Freedom of Information.

Click here for a copy of the report, which shows that mobile reception is poor and a solution will not be easy. 

Why is mobile phone reception so poor on our regional train lines?

"I blame them all; the Federal Government for not making this a basic standard, Telstra and the other companies for not servicing customers properly, and V/Line for not pushing harder and faster for a solution," Greg Barber told the Herald Sun today.

200,000 new cars or 20 new trains?

Victorian Greens Leader Greg Barber says the Baillieu government has a choice - 200,000 new cars or 20 new trains servicing inner Melbourne, following the release today of the government's proposed CBD expansion - the Metropolitan Strategy for Melbourne.

"Mr Baillieu has basically set out an argument for the Doncaster fast rail, because it has underground stations at Parkville and Fitzroy, linking to North Melbourne and the CBD.  The Metro train proposal has a station near the Arden Maculay development.  It's an east-west link, but for people instead of cars."

City Loop passenger safety left behind

Image from Ombudsman's report, showing rusty leach water in Burnley TunnelVictorian Greens Leader Greg Barber says private operators can not be trusted to run the rail system safely, after the Ombudsman today found dire warnings about passenger safety had been ignored in Melbourne's City Loop.

"Quite simply, no one knows who is responsible for safety on the rail system" said Greg Barber

"The governance arrangements are complex, there are destructive tensions between the agencies that share responsibility for safety and protracted disputes over who will pay for essential maintenance and upgrades."