Greens motion on the East-West tunnel put off for debate


Mr LENDERS (Southern Metropolitan) -- By leave, I move:
   That precedence be given to the following general business on Wednesday, 24 October 2012:
     (1) the notice of motion given this day by Mr Jennings relating to Victorian hospitals;
     (2) the notice of motion given this day by Mr Jennings relating to health care in Mildura;
     (3) the notice of motion given this day by Mr Barber relating to the production of documents in relation to an east-west road tunnel;
     (4) order of the day 33, consideration of a letter from the Minister for Public Transport relating to VicTrack's lease premises in Castlemaine; and
     (5) notice of motion 449 standing in the name of Ms Pennicuik taking note of a petition relating to duck shooting.

Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) -- With respect to this motion, the Greens are not exactly thrilled with the order of business put forward by the Leader of the Opposition. The effect of it will be to shunt the Greens' motions to the end of the day after two opposition motions are put up-front. Apparently the opposition is concerned that the government has adopted a practice of talking out motions to limit the amount of material that is debated during general business, and that is as may be.

If that is the case, the likely effect is that the Greens' motions will not be able to be properly debated or brought to a conclusion.

Most dissatisfied commuters call for Altona Loop fix


Ms HARTLAND (Western Metropolitan)—My adjournment matter tonight is for the attention of the Minister for Public Transport. Last week the Age contained a story regarding the Altona loop that community members know all too well. It was entitled ‘Commuters going loopy on Altona railway’. The article looks at the latest public transport customer satisfaction survey, that shows once again that the Altona loop commuters are the most dissatisfied on the whole train network.

This has been the result in every customer satisfaction survey conducted since the train timetable was changed early last year, which caused a significant decline in the quality of the Altona loop train service. However, there are opportunities to fix this problem.

New info shows Public Transport infringements system doesn't work

New figures obtained by Victorian Greens Leader Greg Barber show the infringements system for public transport tickets is not working, so we should replace it with staff who sell tickets.

"Ticket inspectors are unreliable and are getting worse. About 14% of the people they book don't end up paying a fine; up from 11% two years ago. If our speed camera system had a 14% failure rate, it would be shut down tomorrow."

"The Authorised Officer system doesn't work. We should bring back the 'Connies' - the tram conductors who sell tickets - and put on more station staff. If someone is caught without a ticket, we should sell them one."

Transport ticket report avoids myki performance info

Victorian Greens Leader Greg Barber has described myki as "a black hole for money and information" after the Transport Ticketing Authority's Annual Report was tabled in Victorian Parliament this morning.

"This report has not one skerrick of information on the performance of myki," said Greg Barber

"We don't know how many dud cards there were, how many people were overcharged or how often the machines are out of service.  Myki is a black hole for money and information as well, it seems."

Call that sustainable?



Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) -- I am not sure when Mr Baillieu made the statement that the government would be protecting front-line public servants from these cuts, but clearly it was an attempt to set out a statement of the values this government held. Unfortunately it achieved exactly the opposite effect. It put the spotlight on what the government's priorities are, and that is the purpose of this motion today. It was bad enough to be delivering the bad news about sacking some thousands of public servants, but by drawing a distinction between front-line and back-line the Premier slurred all public servants. It was not good to be announcing job cuts, but he made it immeasurably worse by slurring all public servants.

If there is a mad ideological obsession here, it is the belief by members of the Liberal Party that somewhere, if you just open the right door in the right government department, you will find a whole bunch of public servants bouncing around on pogo sticks, representing a great windfall to the government that can cut them. Which minister in this current government wants to stand up and say they have too many public servants, they do not need any more and things would run better in their department with less helpers? It looks very different once you are in government.

Respect the West - deliver what you promised


Ms HARTLAND (Western Metropolitan)—My adjournment matter this evening is for the Minister for Planning on behalf of the Minister for Public Transport.

At a community meeting held in May, government and Metro representatives made a series of promises to the Altona Loop community. The May community meeting marked the one-year anniversary of the new train timetable. The timetable introduced in May 2011 resulted in significant cuts to the Altona loop train service. Ever since, the Altona loop commuters have been the most dissatisfied on the whole metropolitan network, as shown in every customer satisfaction survey.

Fare evasion report: Greens call to bring back tram conductors and station staff

Greens MLC Greg Barber says today's Auditor-General's report on fare evasion reinforces the Greens message to bring back the tram conductors and staff every station with people who can sell you a ticket.

"The current system of enforcing fare evasion just isn't working.  Authorised officers check 2% of all tickets, so you've got a very good chance of getting away with it."

"Soon you will not be able to buy a ticket on a tram, for the first time in over 100 years."

"But if we put a conductor on every tram and staffed every station it would be normal to buy a ticket."  

Regional Rail noise over the threshold - Hartland

Western Suburbs Greens MP Colleen Hartland says that the government's Draft Passenger Rail Infrastructure Noise Policy*, released last week, confirms Regional Rail Link noise levels will exceed thresholds and noise mitigation measures need to be investigated.

"This noise policy affirms that community's calls for noise mitigation measures on the regional rail link corridor are justified" said Greens MP Colleen Hartland.

"Current noise levels on the rail corridor already exceed the investigation threshold levels in the governments draft policy"**

Does this sardine can train look fixed to you Mr Baillieu?

Greens MP for Western Metropolitan, Colleen Hartland, will launch a community postcard campaign at Newport train station with the theme - "Does this sardine can train look fixed to you Mr Baillieu?".

When: 9am Tuesday 31 July 2012. (Colleen and friends will be at Newport station from 8am handing out the postcards)

Where: Newport Train Station, city bound platform.

What: Launch of community campaign postcard at busy Western Suburbs public transport hub (Newport station is a commuter hub for the West - the Werribee line, Altona Loop, and Williamstown trains lines pass through here).

Toll Road: Will the real Labor Party please stand up?

Western Suburbs Greens MP Colleen Hartland today called on the Labor Party to find a consistent position on the dirty East-West tollway proposed to run through the Western Suburbs.

"State Labor under Daniel Andrews is trying to tell us they're opposed to the East-West tollway, even though it's largely similar to the road Brumby introduced," said Colleen Hartland.

"The Gillard Labor Government now has to make it clear - will they fund Baillieu's dirty East-West tollway through the West or will they fund better public transport?"