Good news - The federal government has withdrawn a $100 million grant for HRL's proposed coal-fired power station in Victoria's Latrobe Valley. HRL failed to meet key funding conditions, for the sixth time.

Now it's time for the Victorian government to also withdraw their (or should I say our) $50million that has been allocated to HRL.

Withdrawal of all government funding will make it much harder for this dirty coal project to get off the ground. With a price on carbon and the world heading towards renewable energy, HRL will find it very difficult to find any private investors, and for good reason - there is no future in coal. 

Let's lets tell the Premier - no dirty coal, not with our money. Instead we should invest the $50 million in clean renewable energy.

Send the Premier a quick message using the form below.

The Victorian Greens have proposed the $50million be used to establish the Community Renewables Fund enabling local communities, organisations and apartment blocks to establish local solar or wind farms generating their own power.

You can read Greens Deputy Leader Adam Bandt's media statement on this great win - 'Greens welcome decision to drop coal plant'.


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