Member's Statement: Karin Geradts


Ms PENNICUIK (Southern Metropolitan) -- Karin Geradts was a very special person who deeply touched the lives of those around her. Karin was a loving mother, sister, daughter, grandmother, aunty, cousin, teacher, mentor and dear friend to so many people. Karin was a primary school teacher, and the dozens of tributes to her from her current and former students are a testament to her inspiring, passionate and caring style of teaching. She was also a teacher to all who knew her -- teaching by example and with love how to be more honest, generous and brave, as she was.

Embrace renewables, for the climate and economy

Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) -- I move: 
That this house -- 
(1) notes the submission by the state of Victoria to the review of the commonwealth renewable energy target, currently under way; 
(2) rejects the recommendations of the state's submission; and 
(3) calls on the state government to support the renewable energy target in its current form and to develop a renewable energy plan for Victoria. 

A metre matters - cycling safety given more certainty

Introduction and first reading
Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) introduced a bill for an act to amend the Road Safety Road Rules 2009 in relation to the overtaking of bicycles and for other purposes.
Read first time; by leave, ordered to be read second time forthwith.
Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) tabled the following statement in accordance with Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006:
In accordance with section 28 of the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities (the charter), I make this statement of compatibility with respect to the Road Safety Road Rules 2009 (Overtaking Bicycles) Bill 2014.

Youth unemployment a very real, noticeable and tangible human problem

Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) -- Youth unemployment is an extremely serious issue because when we talk about young people we are not just talking about another group; we are talking about the future. What young people experience around the time they are thinking of leaving school or thinking of going into study or thinking of trying to enter the workforce is an important step that we do not want to turn into a misstep. 
What I cannot understand about the Liberal Party is what it sees as the other side of mutual obligation. We hear a lot about the obligation on young people to fill in a dole diary or survive on their own money until they have no money left, or hang around for six months hoping that something is going to happen in their town before they are cut off and are forced to move who knows where exactly. Some members of the Liberal Party are telling them to move to Tasmania, others are telling them to move from Tasmania.

Residential amenity bugbears

Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) -- My question is to the Minister for Planning. As we both know, the minister has received some requests for meetings from Dockland residents who find themselves living in an apartment building where apartments have been sublet as serviced apartments and are often occupied by people who come to Melbourne to party on and go crazy, with the resultant amenity problems. The minister has left it to his department to respond in a kind of bureaucratic way, referring these people back to a court case interpreting the meaning of 'residential apartment' that is winding its way up and down through the court system. The minister has also referred them to the unacceptable behaviour provisions within the body corporate act. The letter says that they may like to meet with the department to discuss the options. What are the minister's options for fixing this problem, and when do we expect to see the issue resolved? 

Climate change - get with the global program

Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) -- For a brief moment Australia was a world leader in action on climate change. However, you need only rest on your laurels for a few moments for the rest of the world to race ahead of you. President Obama has articulated very well the need for carbon pricing. On 7 June the New York Times quoted Obama as saying: 
   ... we said: 'We're going to charge you if you're releasing this stuff into the atmosphere, but we're going to let you figure out -- with the marketplace and with the technology' how best to mitigate it. But 'you can't keep dumping it out in the atmosphere and making everybody else pay for it. So if there's one thing I would like to see, it'd be for us to be able to price the cost of carbon emissions. 

V/Line performance remains unacceptable

Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber says that the performance of regional V/Line train services remains at an unacceptably low level.

"The monthly release of V/Line performance data has revealed on-time running performance is down again and remains below the target for punctuality, which isn't very good anyway,” Mr Barber said.

"A short haul trip can be five minutes late and a long haul trip ten minutes late while still being deemed 'on time'. That standard is not good enough when you are trying to get to work, an appointment, or make a connection with another public transport service."  

Community Health workers deserve decent wages

The Victorian Greens have called on the Napthine Government to provide decent wages to Community Health workers after three years of failed enterprise agreement negotiations.

Today in parliament, Greens MP Colleen Hartland called on the Napthine Government to provide funding to settle the wage dispute.

“Health Professionals such as Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Podiatrists that work in Community Health are the worst paid workers in their respective disciplines in any public or private workplace in any state in Australia,” Said Colleen Hartland, Victorian Greens spokesperson on health.

No delay on redress for child sex abuse victims

The Greens have joined Commission of Inquiry Now (COIN) in calling on the Napthine Government to lay out its plans and timelines for redress of the victims of child sex abuse.

Today in parliament, Greens MP Colleen Hartland, will call on the Napthine Government to provide response to the Betray of Trust Recommendations relating to redress for the victims of child sex abuse.

“The Betrayal of Trust report provided sound recommendations on redress for victims. We must act on these without delay,” said Colleen Hartland, Victorian Greens Spokesperson on Children.

Adjournment: Family Violence


Ms PENNICUIK (Southern Metropolitan) -- My adjournment matter is for the attention of the Attorney-General. Recent media reports have highlighted that the Victorian systemic review of family violence deaths has only produced one report in five years, despite the fact that each year in Victoria approximately 40 per cent of all deaths attributed to homicide involve intimate partners and other family members.

In the recent Coroners Court annual report it was reported that from 1 January 2009 to 30 June 2013, 97 of the total of 254 determined and suspected homicides were classified as having an apparent relevance to the Victorian systemic review of family violence deaths. Yet despite the many cases that need analysing, the unit has been reduced to just one part-time worker specific to family violence since yearly funding attached to the review program was axed in 2010.