Domestic Animals Amendment Bill 2013


Ms PENNICUIK (Southern Metropolitan) -- The Domestic Animals Amendment Bill 2013 concerns what we would describe as a vexed issue -- indeed Mr Lenders described it as a difficult issue. It is certainly one that has exercised the community for some time. The bill is simple. It does not overhaul the current system as outlined in the Domestic Animals Act 1994, which includes a breed-specific or restricted breed system. The bill makes some alterations based on the recommendations of the coroner following the horrific death of Ayen Chol. The report by Coroner Parkinson was handed down on 28 September in 2012.

Q: 10061 Increase in prisoner numbers


MS PENNICUIK — To ask the Minister for Corrections: In relation to the increase in prisoner numbers in Victoria in the last 12 months:

(1) Why has there been a 25 per cent increase in Victoria’s female prison population.

Report shows rental homes need strong new laws

Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber says the Footscray Community Legal Centre's report into housing standards, released today, shows vulnerable people will continue to live in unsafe and unhealthy conditions unless the government lends support to a minimum standard for rental accommodation.
"The report shows that the system isn't working.  A mother washing herself and children in a bucket because she's been waiting five months for the shower to be repaired.  Long VCAT fights or no action at all to get cracks and mould repaired.  More than half the tenants surveyed needed repairs to their properties, but we put the onus on the tenant to request the repair and fight for it in VCAT." 

Save Live Australia's Music


Ms PENNICUIK (Southern Metropolitan) -- This Sunday, 23 February, will be the fourth anniversary of the Save Live Australia's Music (SLAM) rally, when 20 000 people march from the State Library of Victoria to Parliament House in support of live music and to protest against the blanket security conditions that have been imposed on live music venues.

Business of The House


Ms PENNICUIK (Southern Metropolitan) -- The Greens will not be supporting Mr Davis's motion either. I would agree with many of the comments made by Mr Lenders that it does not seem to me to be an effective way to carry out the business of the house.

Mineral Resources Bill fast-tracks mining, leaves community in the dust



Will government act to protect Morwell residents?


Latrobe Valley fires 

Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan)—In relation to the answer that the Minister for Health has just given to the previous question, is that really it? 

Mr O’Brien—Is that really it? 

Mr BARBER—Oh, the member for Lowan! Is that really all the government is offering to protect the health of some tens of thousands of citizens in the Latrobe Valley? Will the minister consider offering measures such as the following: tests of indoor air quality in the homes and buildings of those who are already considered vulnerable; relocation allowances for those who cannot afford to simply take a couple of weeks off and leave the valley; in-home health checks—preferably free—for those who are being affected; time off for government workers; compensation for economic losses; or perhaps some money for the out-of-pocket costs of the medications that asthmatics and others will now be using to a considerable extent?  

Health Minister fails locals in Hazelwood coal fire crisis

Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber says the Health Minister is failing in his duty to protect the health of the people of the Latrobe Valley during the Hazelwood mine fire crisis.
"In question time today, I asked the Minister what practical assistance he's offering. The answer was, not much, apart from a few advertisements and announcements." 

Freeze gas drilling on Gippsland farms

Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber is calling on the state government to put a freeze on gas drilling planned for Gippsland.

"The government's moratorium is on fracking only. Companies like Lakes Oil are moving ahead with an application to do more drilling. The Minister for Resources should tell them 'no way'."

"The Premier and Deputy Premier need to intervene and ensure that Energy Minister does the right thing by regional communities and refuses the current drilling application from Lakes Oil." 

Dereliction of duty to Victorian fire services - Greens

The Greens condemn the Napthine Government over its dereliction of duty to fire services and community after the United Firefighters Union released a shocking list of equipment and staff shortfalls during recent fires.

“This is a damming account of the impacts of budget cuts to the MFB and CFA and failure to invest in desperately needed firefighters,” said Greens emergency services spokesperson Colleen Hartland.

“This is a dereliction of duty by the Napthine Government to our firefighters and community.”