• Speech to Eastern Transport Coalition


    Speech to the Eastern Transport Coalition, 9 April 2014

    Fifty years ago, Melbourne was a world class public transport city. For as long as I can remember, there has always been a movement to take it back in that direction.

  • Government new housing plan provides little new funding


    Colleen Hartland reveals that of the $1.3 billion announced for social housing in the Napthine Government's new social housing framework, just $149 million is new spending. There is no investment in increasing the public housing stock.

    Ms HARTLAND (Western Metropolitan)—My question is for the Minister for Housing. The government has now released the long-awaited social housing framework. After extensive consultation and years in development, it fails to provide a vision for the growth of social housing into the future, and it fails to provide a solution for the 34 000 people on the waiting list.

  • Water Amendment (Water Trading) Bill 2014


    Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) -- In brief summary, the purpose of this legislation is to give effect to some of Victoria's commitments regarding water trading under the Murray Darling Basin plan. Like The Nationals, the Greens have some reservations about water trading and a market mechanism to achieve either the environmental or economic outcomes. It depends very much on whether you are in opposition or government at the time.

    The bill also provides for the Victorian Environmental Water Holder (VEWH) using water trading to achieve its aims. I hope this bill is not affecting its statutory duties and objectives.

  • Climate change unites us, locally and globally


    Hon. D. M. DAVIS (Minister for Health) -- I move:
       That this house --
         (1) notes the resolution of this house of 29 October 2013 calling on the federal opposition, other non-government parties and Independents in the federal Parliament to support the early abolition of the carbon tax, noting the federal coalition government's mandate to repeal the carbon tax;
         (2) further notes the federal Labor opposition and federal Greens party continue to frustrate the federal coalition government's clear mandate to repeal the carbon tax;
         (3) expresses its concern at the ongoing adverse impact of the carbon tax on Victorian families, individuals, senior citizens and businesses, particularly the additional costs added to --
            (a) manufacturing and manufactured exports; and
            (b) public and private health services; and -- --
         (4) confirms its support for the immediate repeal of the carbon tax legislation and calls on all Victorian political parties to recognise the clear view of the Australian people expressed at the last federal election and advocate for the immediate repeal of the carbon tax.

    Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) -- It was my intention to dismiss this motion with just a few words, noting that the substance of the motion is to encourage a purely symbolic re-run of a vote that has already occurred in the right jurisdiction, the federal Senate, where the issue for the time being has of course been determined.

  • Q: 10455 WorkSafe- State Coroner Recommendations


    MS PENNICUIK — To ask the Assistant Treasurer:
    In relation to his responsibility as Minister for WorkSafe, what action has been taken by WorkSafe Victoria to implement the recommendations of the State Coroner in the following inquests: