Karin Geradts

We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of our dear friend Karin.

A strong and passionate spirit. Karin always stood up for the environment, equality and for animals.

Karin was a wise and generous elder who said it like it is. Karin made a difference.

We will miss her, she touched all our lives.

Vale Karin

Greg Barber, Colleen Hartland and Sue Pennicuik, Greens MPs and staff.


Greens say government should stop funding special religious education

The announcement today that the state government is going to 'overhaul' the way religion is taught in Victorian primary schools after it was found that volunteers breached its guidelines doesn't go far enough, Greens Education spokesperson, Sue Pennicuik said.

"There have been complaints about the way special religious education (SRI) is conducted in government schools for years," Ms Pennicuik said. “Not least of the concerns raised by parents, teachers and by me is that SRI is conducted in government schools, using volunteers who are not teachers and using materials that are not accredited by the department.”

Greens say no container port at Hastings

The Greens do not support the establishment of a container port at Hastings on Westernport Bay.

Greens MLC Sue Pennicuik says the state government is trying to avoid environmental protection laws in pushing through its Hastings Port proposal.

"The Major Transport Projects Facilitation Act, which was introduced by the Labor government, is a way for governments to avoid proper scrutiny of the environmental and social impacts of their favourite transport projects," Ms Pennicuik said.

"The Facilitation Act is a way for the state government to avoid complying with Victoria's environmental laws.*

National Reconciliation Week and National Sorry Day


Ms PENNICUIK (Southern Metropolitan) -- I acknowledge that we are meeting on the land of the Wurundjeri people and I pay my respects to their elders, past and present, and acknowledge them as the traditional owners of the land on which we meet. National Reconciliation Week marks two historic events: the 1967 referendum which finally acknowledged the first Australians as citizens of this land and, 25 years later, the 1992 Mabo decision, which put an end to the notion of terra nullius.

Political Donations


Ms PENNICUIK (Southern Metropolitan) -- I move:

That this house calls on the --
(1) Liberal Party, The Nationals and the Australian Labor Party to refrain from accepting political donations from property developers and organisations that are regulated by government or may be affected by government decisions; and
(2) government to introduce legislation to limit political donations to, and expenditure by, political parties and candidates.

Consumer Affairs Legislation Amendment Bill 2014


Ms PENNICUIK (Southern Metropolitan) -- Given that the government would be unlikely to agree to the removal of clause 39 -- although I have outlined a very persuasive argument for it to do so -- in terms of the regulations accompanying the act I suggest there be a requirement for the motor car trader to verbally draw attention to the effect of the new provision and to make sure verbally when they are carrying out that transaction that the consumer clearly understands the ramifications of what will now be the case if they choose to drive the vehicle away, that they will be waiving those rights. As I said, that is not a good development, nor is it a development in favour of consumer protection.

Victoria Police Amendment (Consequential and Other Matters) Bill 2014


Ms PENNICUIK (Southern Metropolitan) -- As its name suggests, the Victoria Police Amendment (Consequential and Other Matters) Bill 2014 deals with consequential amendments to the Victoria Police Act 2013, which was passed in this Parliament last year but has not yet come into effect. This bill amends that legislation, which is not yet an act. We are still operating under the Police Regulation Act 1958.

Jumps racing claims second victim in just five days - Greens say ban this deadly sport now

Elms, a seven-year-old gelding had to be put down on the track after severely fracturing his right fore cannon bone after the first obstacle in a restricted hurdle at Casterton yesterday.

Victorian Greens Animal Welfare spokesperson Sue Pennicuik MLC said she is dismayed and angry that yet another horse, the second in five days, has been killed in a Victorian jumps race.

“This brings the total deaths to three in Victoria which proves Racing Victoria's so-called safety measures are not working. The only way to guarantee safety is to end Jumps Racing which is 10 - 20 times more dangerous to horses than flat racing,” Ms Pennicuik said.

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Greens renew calls for jumps racing to be banned after another horse is killed on the track

Show Dancer, a seven-year-old gelding, was put down after suffering a horrific and brutal fall during the 3,400m steeplechase at Sandown Racecourse yesterday. Two other horses also fell.

Victorian Greens Animal Welfare spokesperson Sue Pennicuik MLC said she is deeply saddened and dismayed that yet another horse has been killed in a jumps race and is calling again on the government to ban this cruel and barbaric so called ‘sport’.