Minister fails to explain his approval of controversial Chapel St high rise

“Planning Minister Matthew Guy has failed to explain or account for his intervention to allow two high rise towers of 69 and 94 metres when the height preferred for the Forrest Hill precinct under Stonnington Council planning scheme is 38 metres,” Greens MP for Southern Metropolitan Region Sue Pennicuik said in moving a motion in state parliament this week to disallow the Minister's amendment to the Stonnington planning scheme.

Standing Orders


Ms PENNICUIK (Southern Metropolitan) -- The Greens will support the motion, but I have a couple of comments on it. I struggled to hear Mr Davis's contribution. I know he has had problems with his voice this week, so I was straining to hear what he was saying. He mentioned the crowded business program. I am not sure what is on the business program.

Member's Statement- Local government: elections


Ms PENNICUIK (Southern Metropolitan) -- I congratulate all local government councillors who were elected across Victoria on 27 October. Local government is closest to the community and plays a critical role in people's lives. Although I not have done so myself, I am told that serving as a local councillor is demanding, challenging and very rewarding. I especially thank those who stood for election as endorsed Greens candidates in local government areas around the state and all those who worked so hard on their campaigns. The Greens have always been open and transparent by standing endorsed candidates for local government.



Ms PENNICUIK (Southern Metropolitan) -- I begin by also saying that I welcome the idea of a regional sitting and am looking forward to attending the regional sitting in Bendigo. I think the regional sittings are a good idea. The last regional sitting, held during the previous Parliament, was conducted over two days, and a suggestion I have mentioned to other members of Parliament is that I think that was better than one day because I believe two sitting days allows more engagement with the community. In terms of the standing orders of the Legislative Council, two days would also allow some general business to be discussed as well as government business, and it would allow more members of the Council to be able to speak than will be possible in the hours we will be in session according to motion 406 moved this morning by Mr Davis.

Planning permits removed from public eye


 Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) -- I rise to speak on the Planning and Environment Amendment (VicSmart Planning Assessment) Bill 2012. It is clear that as we have gone from a Labor government to a Liberal government things have gone from bad to worse. When you look at the way planning currently works here in Victoria you can see that much of Mr Tee's argument was hollow. Of course we are seeking many outcomes from the planning system, and it seems that this bill will not provide them.

Capital city zones: anti-democratic and set to expand


Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) -- My question is for the Minister for Planning. A little while ago the minister floated an idea for an extended capital city zone off to the north, south, east and west of the current CBD. That was in relation to high rise and so forth, but is it not a fact that since there are no rights for notification, let alone objection, in a capital city zone, when a change of use occurs, such as for an adult sex bookshop, car park, pub, nightclub, various industrial uses and any other uses specifically not banned, residents under the minister's new expanded capital city zone would have no rights to appeal or even be notified of such a development where currently they do?

Calls for democracy

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