Buying or renting? Energy efficiency of housing rating scheme needed


Ms HARTLAND (Western Metropolitan) — My adjournment matter tonight is for the Minister for Energy and Resources, the Honourable Nicholas Kotsiras, and relates to the proposed national residential mandatory disclosure scheme for energy, water and greenhouse ratings. 

This scheme will allow families to understand whether their new home will stay cool in summer and warm in winter at a low cost.  Families deserve to know how much energy and water a home uses before they buy or rent it so they can choose a home that is cheap to run and creates less greenhouse gas pollution.

6 star energy ratings - what's the real story?



Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) -- My question is for the Minister for Planning, Mr Guy. In the coalition's policy on planning, it committed as follows:
     Work with building associations and relevant stakeholders to assess the most effective way of meeting Victoria's COAG agreement to support 6-star minimum energy efficiency standards for both new and significantly renovated residential and commercial buildings.
     Support the transition of all existing housing stock to meet an average of 5-star energy rating. 

Can the minister update the house as to what progress he has made in his time in the portfolio to achieve those two policy outcomes? 

Energy efficiency: Melbourne Council setting the standard


Mr BARBER (Northern Metropolitan) -- The Greens will support this bill that is designed to assist the Melbourne City Council with its innovative financing mechanism to encourage energy efficiency upgrades for commercial buildings. This is a program that we have wholeheartedly supported from its genesis through to today. It is a great program that has been created by Melbourne City Council. 

What I want to know is: where is the Premier's program to do this? Why is this state government not rolling out a program like this across the commercial building sector? After all, according to the government's own studies, $1 billion of energy savings could be had in the commercial sector between now and a few decades time for only a $10 million up-front investment.