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The Liberal Party went to the election with the key promise to "fix public transport", accompanied by the commitment of "no more neglect in the West".

Instead they're proposing to spend billions of dollars on the East-West tunnel tollway. It's not value for money, it won't address traffic congestion and will burn money needed for investment in world leading public transport. Meanwhile, talk of the Westlink zombie rears its ugly head every so often.

The western suburbs community is becoming increasingly frustrated by their poor public transport. 

So I've developed a postcard that allows residents in the West to directly invite Premier Napthine to visit us and see that our transport system definitely isn't fixed. It reads:

'Dear Premier, You promised to fix public transport. Come and visit me, this isn't fixed.'

Commuters can use the card to invite the Premier to experience the sardine can by joining them on their specified journey, and concludes with  'Hope to see you in the sardine can with me soon'.  Click here to receive some postcards in the mail.

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Transport Solutions update:

transport solutionsFund public transport, not the Westlink tollway and tunnel

Greens MP Colleen Hartland has vowed that Greens at local, state and federal level will work together to fight any Westlink proposal for Footscray, West Footscray and West Sunshine.  

"Every time this project comes out of hibernation it is frightening.  They are talking about building a major above-ground freeway through the heart of the inner west, right on our door steps." said Ms Hartland.

Read more - ' Community and Greens will fight new Westlink plans'. Also Baillieu, quit while ahead as Feds refuse funding for east-west tollway.

READ THE TRANSPORT SOLUTIONS ISSUES PAPER which explains why the Westlink tollway and tunnel is not the solution to our transport problems.


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Altona LoopDuplicate the Altona Loop

The new 'Duplicate the Altona Loop' postcard campaign has been going very well with around 600 people so far signing and sending the cards. Read the media release 'Altona Loop postcard campaign for 'most dissatisfied commuters''. You can help get these out into the Altona Loop communties - email or ph 9689 6373. For more information on this campaign click here.


Stand up for the WestPublic Transport for Point Cook

Did you know that the population of Point Cook will soon be greater than that in the eastern suburbs of Brighton, Sandringham and Hampton combined?  These eastern suburbs are home to 6 train stations, 18 bus services, a tram and a Night Rider bus. Point Cook, on the other hand, has two indirect bus routes which snake through the suburb at 40 minute frequencies. Buses don't take you to the city and some families are 5km from the nearest stop. Read Colleen's media statements 'Point Cook gets train station in next suburb, but no plan to get there' and 'Not one more house until Point Cook public transport black hole fixed'. Colleen recently visited residents in Point Cook, here's her parliament speech about the visit: 'Don't plan 2000 new homes in Point Cook until the existing ones get some services!'.


Bike WestBike West - let's make it safe

Colleen recently released a video to spearhead the 'Bike West' campaign which calls on the government to fix cycling hotspots in the upcoming May Budget. The video is of the Parker and Whitehall Streets intersection in Footscray. It is the most dangerous interesection for cyclists in the West. VicRoads have designed and costed a solution - safety is a s simle as a set of traffic lights. But Bike West is about more than just this intersection. Go to the website at


Love my bike - not budget cuts!

The Baillieu government has abruptly stopped funding bike infrastructure and programs in Victoria.This has left cyclists reeling. We’re taking a stand – join us.

We want a liveable, healthy and vibrant Melbourne and Victoria. And we want a safe place to ride our bikes!


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READ THE TRANSPORT SOLUTIONS ISSUES PAPER which explains why the Westlink tollway and tunnel is not the solution to our transport problems.


Find out about Colleen's campaign to electrify the train line to Bacchus Marsh and Melton.


Go to the 'We can choose - transport solutions for the west' facebook page

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