The Greens across the country are actively campaigning for change on a whole range of issues. The campaigns shown here are the current focus of the Elected Greens in Victoria

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Latest Victorian MPs Campaigns:


Fair Go for Firefighters Petition

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Our firefighters are at the front line risking their health and life to protect us, our families and our homes.

But they cannot protect themselves from toxic chemicals and smoke on the job.

For firefighters, the risk of contracting certain types of cancer are 5-10 times higher, and they have 2 to 3 times the lung cancer risk of a smoker.

Support our firefighters

Firefighters put their health at risk to protect us, so it is very important that we provide protection for them.

However, it is almost impossible for firefighters to access WorkCover compensation and insurance if they get cancer from exposure to toxic chemicals and smoke on the job. This is less protection against workplace injury and illness than the average worker, yet firefighters risk their health and life to protect the community.

In Parliament

See a full list of Parliamentary Speeches and Questions for Victorian Greens Members of Parliament.

Who killed the Doncaster Rail line?

In recent years there has been a community-driven campaign to provide rail services to Doncaster, one of Melbourne's public transport bad lands.  Most people might think that this is a new idea but plans to extend rail services to Doncaster predate the 20th century, first proposed in 1890 by then Premier Duncan Gillies.  The concept of a rail line to Doncaster was subsequently developed in a series of costed plans developed over nearly eighty years, culminating in the Eastern Railway Construction Act 1971 and then...nothing.

Dob-In a Dive

Welcome to Dob-in a Dive, where you can show politicians what renters have to put up with.

10c Deposit on Cans and Bottles

Greens MLC Colleen Hartland continues her campaign for a 10c refund on bottles, cans and cartons.

A Victorian Cash for Containers plan will save taxpayer money, create new jobs and save the environment. Benefits of a Victorian scheme include:

- Increasing recycling of drink containers from 49% to over 80%
- Diverting more than 124,000 tonnes from landfill
- Raising $15m a year for individuals, charities and schools
- Savings to rate payers of over $47.6 million a year
- Creating over 1,300 green jobs
- Attracting $124m in private investment in Victoria and grow recycling and reprocessing businesses by over $90m
- Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 456,000 tonnes of CO2 each year 
- Decreasing litter by 12-15%, which will improve waterway health and help protect marine animals.

South Australia and the Northern Territory already have 10cent refund on bottles and cans, and Tasmania is considering similar schemes. In the absence of National action, the Greens will continue to push for a Victoiran scheme. All these states acting together will make a big difference by reducing marine plastics and helping to protect our environment.

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Inner West truck problem worsens - study


There are currently three Greens in the Legislative Council (upper house) of the Victorian Parliament. Please contact the member for your area.



Karin Geradts

We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of our dear friend Karin.

A strong and passionate spirit. Karin always stood up for the environment, equality and for animals.

Karin was a wise and generous elder who said it like it is. Karin made a difference.

We will miss her, she touched all our lives.

Vale Karin

Greg Barber, Colleen Hartland and Sue Pennicuik, Greens MPs and staff.


Puppy farms

The grim reality of the widespread existence of puppy farms has been growing in the public consciousness for a number of years. Prior to the November 2010 Victorian state election it finally emerged as a political issue. Amid much community opposition to puppy farms, the government and the then coalition opposition each vowed to put an end to “illegal puppy farms” if elected.

No more deaths - ban jumps racing

Photo of Virvacity: Courtesy of the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses
Virvacity was injured on the track and killed in 2012

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Jumps Racing is a deadly 'sport' which requires horses to gallop and jump up to 33 steeples or 12 hurdles. Races can be more than 5 km for steeples and 3.5 km for hurdles. A large number of falls occur in the latter stages of races when the horses are exhausted.

Animals Australia reports that more than 110 horses have been killed in jumps races and trials since 2000 in Victoria. Every season horses suffer painful injuries or are killed in jumps racing events. Jockeys are also at risk and have suffered injuries from this dangerous 'sport.'

Jumps races have long been banned across Australia, but inexplicably, they are still allowed in Victoria and South Australia. If the Victorian government banned jumps racing, it would probably not be viable to continue in South Australia. More jumps racing background and statistics.

Read more about Jumps Racing and Greens MP Sue Pennicuik's work here.

Every season horses continue to suffer horrific injuries or are killed in jumps racing events in Victoria. It is extremely disappointing that the current Premier, Mr Napthine, who has retained his portfolio of Minister for Racing, and is a vet, is not only allowing jumps racing to continue but actively defends it.

Invest our money in renewable energy, not dirty coal

Good news - The federal government has withdrawn a $100 million grant for HRL's proposed coal-fired power station in Victoria's Latrobe Valley. HRL failed to meet key funding conditions, for the sixth time.

Save TAFE in the West


Report Launched: Save TAFE in the West: a case for reinstating funding and abolishing the market contestability model.

Survey results show students suffering from TAFE cuts 

PR Stunt Won't Help TAFE in the West

Our well respected public TAFE has been built up over decades with taxpayer's money and provides affordable and accessible training for all. TAFE has educated hundreds of thousands of Victorians.

The Greens support a well funded quality public TAFE system - find out more and sign up here.

TAFE is under attack. Chronic under-funding from the previous government made Victoria's TAFE system the lowest funded TAFE system in Australia.

This year, the Coalition Government has struck a further massive blow to Victoria's public TAFE system. 

Tear up East West Tunnel contracts: Greens

31 July 2013 18:04 PM

PETER MITCHELL, PRESENTER 7 NEWS   The Prime Minister has ruled out funding for the East West Tunnel, drawing the battle lines for both the federal and state elections.  Seven News understands Mr Rudd has made the promise to the state labour opposition which today declared it’s not in favour of the tunnel.  More from Brendan Donohoe.

It’s time to end duck shooting

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Each year from March to June, the government declares the duck shooting season open in Victoria. Duck shooting is banned in NSW, Qld and WA since 1990, has never been permitted in the ACT and only occurs on private land in SA. The majority of Victorians oppose it.

Sue Pennicuik, has been campaigning to ban duck shooting in Victoria and attends the opening of the duck shooting season as an observer. Duck shooting is cruel and anachronistic. Many birds are not killed and retrieved by shooters. If they are not rescued, they fly off to suffer a slow, painful death or to live with shot gun pellets in their bodies. Ducklings are not able to cope alone and also die as a result of the shooting of adult birds.

Massacre of ducks and protected species
On the opening weekend of the 2013 duck shooting season more than 900 birds were killed on one morning at the Box Flat Nature Reserve including rare and threatened Freckled Ducks and other protected non-game species, such as black swans and whistling kites. They were illegally left on the water to die, yet no-one has been charged over this.

Sue Pennicuik raised this in Parliament and The Age covered the story.